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Path Of Exile Is Gearing Up For Major Content Update ‘Prophecy’

Grinding Gear Games last major content update for Path Of Exile was back in March 4th of 2016, with their Ascendancy content update, which expanded the game with advanced class options that allowed you to customize your characters a bit more and follow specific archetype builds.

The previous update for Path Of Exile brought new story elements, new weapons, items, and a huge change to the passive skill tree. Now, the newest update that is scheduled to launch on June 3rd is preparing to add a heap of new content for both the story, as well as in game item content. Path Of Exile: Prophecy will introduce a new character as well — Navali, the Karui Soothsayer. She will be added to the game as the focal point of the new story, if you give her a bit of silver she will tell your fortune and present you with a prophecy that you must fulfill.

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I’m not entirely sure how this will work, but I assume it will be similar to how the Forsaken Master quests work, talk to them, follow the quest, and receive your reward. However, unlike the Forsaken Masters, the Prophecies you obtain seem to actually affect the game world and change the content based on what Navali tells you, marking you with a specific fate.

On the official Path Of Exile: Prophecy web page, Grinding Gear Games describes the Prophecy system as follows:

“Approximately one monster per area drops a Silver Coin. Navali will exchange one coin for a vision of your future. This Prophecy, along with up to six others, is stored in your Prophecy screen.


Some of these Prophecies affect specific locations you travel to. The Vaal Invasion substantially alters the Lunaris Temple. Others are fulfilled when you meet various conditions. Sometimes, a Prophecy yields a desirable reward. Other times, the Prophecy is the reward: “Monstrous Treasure” fills the map with Strongboxes rather than monsters.


In true Path of Exile style, you can pay Navali to turn your prophecies into items so that they are tradeable. This allows you to delay your fate or even capitalise on it.”

Sounds pretty cool, I would like to see this in game for myself to see how the prophecies actually play out, and if you can cheat your fate, or only delay the inevitable? Furthermore, there will be a new endgame map type called “The Plaza”, that you will be able to explore and conquer. Like Challenges? Well there will also be a new Prophecy Challenge League that will award you will special gifts and items if you complete it. you can take a look at the official Path Of Exile: Prophecy trailer that I linked below.

Of course, with all the new items, skills and content, there will also be another Skill tree re-balance, so that also means that there will be a skill point reset to allow players to adjust to the changes. To read the complete list of new content and changes, you can visit the official Path Of Exile website for further details.

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