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1409860cookie-checkRiders Of Icarus Founder Packs Detailed With New Flying Mount Trailer

Riders Of Icarus Founder Packs Detailed With New Flying Mount Trailer

Nexon has released some new details on the Founder’s Pack selections as well as some new gameplay footage of the MMO, Riders of Icarus. The trailer really took me by surprise because of how well put together it is with the some tight editing, great voice-over work and some compelling imagery.

So first up is the trailer. You can check it out below. It gives gamers a brief overview of where the world is and how citizens will need to rise up together to take back their land by taming the flying beasts of the wild and riding them into battle.

If the graphics were CG-quality it could have easily been mistaken for a Peter Jackson movie.

But in all seriousness, the trailer looks good. I haven’t been too interested in many MMOs as of late, but Riders of Icarus looks solid.

The ability to tame more than just flying mounts also adds some extra depth to the game and mixes up the gameplay with a hint of variety.

The trailer was enough to get a bunch of gamers hot and bothered, so much so that they were willing to throw money at the screen. Well, Nexon is ready and willing to receive said money.

They have three different Founder Packs available, including the Elite Rider’s Pack, which is $24.99 and comes with an exclusive mount, seven day early access to the beta, and a special title.

The Heroic Rider’s Pack contains everything from the Elite Rider’s Pack but with an additional mount and 30 days of premium service for $42.99.

The Legendary Rider’s Pack contains everything from the first two pack, plus two additional mounts, 24 extra inventory slots and 60 days of premium service for $89.99.

The beta is scheduled to launch July 6th in two month’s time. You can reach deep into your pockets and purchase on of the packs from over on the Riders of Icarus website.

At the moment Riders of Icarus is currently in closed beta as Nexon irons out the kinks and works out the bugs. They plan on opening up the beta to more regions and more players starting July 6th.

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