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1409750cookie-checkShadwen Official Release Date Set For May 17th

Shadwen Official Release Date Set For May 17th

In two week’s time Frozenbyte Software’s Shadwen will release for PC and PS4. The game is a stealth-action title starring the assassin Shadwen in her attempts to protect a young girl while escaping from the kingdom.

The game is set to release at $14.55. The reason for the odd price is because when they released the demo they had a promotion where the more people who downloaded and played the demo the more the price would be discounted for the launch. So the price of the game went down to $14.55 thanks to all the people who downloaded the demo. After a special promotional period the game’s price will normalize at $16.99.

You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below, which gives you an idea of the art direction that Frozenbyte has taken and what sort of gameplay mechanics will be at the disposal of players.

The game will allow players to travel through sandbox-style levels that afford for different types of problem solving, including going vertical and using the rafters or ceilings to get around, stealthily sneaking past guards, or just going all Assassin’s Creed on them by stabbing them to death.

To make Shadwen a little more enticing than the standard Splinter Cell clone, players are able to utilize physics-based properties to take down enemies, such as dropping boxes on their heads or pushing barrels over into their path. I just hope the AI is adaptive enough to adjust to the player’s style and keep them on their toes by altering patterns and paths after getting taking out with the same method a couple of times.

To accompany the physics-based properties are traps and hazards that players can manipulate as well, including crafting deadly contraptions to make life rather miserable for the guards. If the whole trap thing doesn’t work out so well, there’s also an option to rewind time and perform a do-over. I imagine that’s going to be helpful for the more complex takedowns involving multiple moving parts.

Shadwen has some interesting concepts working for it and we’ll see if it all pays off when the game launches for PC and the PS4 on May 17th.

For more info on Shadwen feel free to visit the official website.

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