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1411130cookie-checkShiness: The Lightning Kingdom Gains New Screenshots Revealing Cities And Grasslands

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Gains New Screenshots Revealing Cities And Grasslands

Bringing back the classic anthropomorphic-animals-in-an-RPG theme is Focus Home Interactive and Enigami’s game the Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom. The RPG was last showcased during 2015’s Gamescom, and also landed on Kickstarter. The cel-shaded third-person adventure RPG will be available across PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The devs aim to bring their game to both PC and consoles sometime this year, which is showcased on the Shiness’ main site. But while the release date comes together, folks that have been keeping an eye on the adventure RPG will be able to view some new screenshots, showing the key locations like the village Shjue and other landscapes that sprawl across the land.

The cel-shaded game features a very distinctive look that also reminds me of a PlayStation 2 game. You can view the images below.

Shiness The Lightning Kingdom

As seen above, the screenshots reveal various parts of Mahera, as well as the Meonis Plains and the Hall of Giants. We also get to see the characters that players will assume, which range from Chado, Poky, Kayenne, Askel, and Rosalya.

The land is noted to be gigantic in scale, which looks to be pretty big in scale according to the screenshots and the 2015 video. These landscapes will include different villages, caves, and dungeons. In addition, puzzles and scaling the environment will also be a key feature in the Shiness.

Another locations included in the game is a mysterious Train Station, which is located in an area with abnormal technology that’s noted to be far better than other places. Lastly, this will also join the hybrid fighting system that combines a mix of classic fighting games with RPG elements. Tag teaming will play an essential role, as well as moving around the 3D environment, but fighting and countering like in a 2D fighting game.

The Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is set to come out this year for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. To learn more about Focus Home Interactive and Enigami’s RPG adventure, you can visit the main site.

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