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1414270cookie-checkSlain! Patch 1.25 Released To Fix Controls, Improve AI, Animations

Slain! Patch 1.25 Released To Fix Controls, Improve AI, Animations

Wolf Brew Games originally promised that a ton of major fixes would be coming to Slain! at patch 1.50, but they released a small patch to help fix and address a lot of problems pointed out in the user reviews. Well, they’re forgoing the wait for patch 1.50 and instead have released patch 1.25 to supplement the control issues, enemy AI and animations in Slain!

The post was made over on the < ahref= target=”_blank”>Steam page for Slain!, where the developers noted that while patch 1.50 would be three weeks out from release, patch 1.25 is available right now.

The game now detects a much wider variety of gamepads, it allows gamers to customize their gamepads (which should be good news for disabled gamers who desperately need those kind of accessibility features to make the game more enjoyable… or even playable), and they’ve added a new block and counter-attack mechanic. While blocking players are able to time a counter-attack and deal massive damage with a Brutal Attack. Previously, the Brutal Attack was it’s own move, but now it works in conjunction with the new counter-attack system.

They improved the boss battles, improved the enemy AI to react more dynamically to players, and they’ve added new elemental effects so that players now know when an enemy is being affected by an elemental attack.

If you need a brief refresher course on what Slain! is like just check out the launch trailer below.

According to Wolf Brew Games, they explained that due to the way the game is developed, they had to ship the game in unfinished state, but they’re going to be working hard to rectify that problem. They stated in the Steam news update…

“If you were familiar with the development of our title, we had a little trouble close to launch and were forced to ship Slain! in a state we were not happy with. If you purchase the game now, it would be greatly appreciated as it will help us finish development to get the game to our initial vision. Patch 1 has already been released and 1.5 is on its way with 2 coming within 6 weeks. “

They also rolled out a roadmap for what gamers can expect from the next patch, outlining that there will be a new stage called the Petra Forest, a new cinematic battle against Vroll, an all new charge-up attack to further improve the combat mechanics, even more refinements made to the enemy AI and bosses, improved animations and visual effects, and some touch-ups to the level designs.

To help lure more gamers into the fold, Wolf Brew also discounted Slain! by 10% so you can grab a copy for $11.69 from the Steam store for a limited time.

(Main image courtesy of shark hooks)

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