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1409090cookie-checkSupraball, First-Person Soccer Game Now Available On Steam Early Access

Supraball, First-Person Soccer Game Now Available On Steam Early Access

Providing an alternate way to play soccer or football, developer Supra Games latest first-person game, Supraball, offer sports fans something a bit unusual, while at the same time something very familiar.

In an attempt to merge two genres together can result in a pretty ugly outcome. Must of which favor one genre too much than the other. Well, in this case, developer Supra Games has its latest game fuse both the FPS and FIFA mechanics together to make Supraball, as the description reads…

“Supraball is a multiplayer game like football/soccer in first person view. Be a keeper, a defender, a playmaker or a striker. Use your imagination to pull off special moves and be the star player you always wanted to be. Invite your friends and develop your own tactics just like a real sport.”

From the video trailer for the game, one can easily see some inspiration from games like the old Doom and how the player holds the football cannon like the rocket launcher from the classic FPS. Although I find this to be an interesting concept, I also find it to be a strange one too.

Anyways, if you are interested in launching balls at sound-barrier breaking speeds and deflecting them to win, you can catch two of its latest trailers that the devs posted to its YouTube channel Supraball, below.

From the looks of it, I can see the game picking up traction quite fast due to its familiar base-mechanics of FPS and FIFA-like setup, which doesn’t come with hard to learn controls, or relying on AIs that often time ruin the perfect setup to score a goal.

Those that wish to play the game can get it now for $14.99 until May 9th, over on Steam. To learn more about the devs and Supraball, you can hit up the main site

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