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1414760cookie-checkArkane Studio’s Director Details Some Of The New Abilities In Dishonored 2

Arkane Studio’s Director Details Some Of The New Abilities In Dishonored 2

Those who can’t wait to get their hands on Dishonored 2 will be treated to some new information that might make them even happier: the developers have revealed more about the game’s combat. This covers the abilities that will be featured in the second entry, and how players will be able to link them, utilize them and how they will be more flexible then the first game. Dishonored 2 will be out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 11th.

According to the Official Xbox Magazine, Dishonored 2‘s director, Harvey Smith, had some interesting things to say about the game’s abilities and how players will be able to utilize them, and how a player surprised the team with Emily Kaldwin’s new abilities that the devs never thought could be used the way they were.

To be honest, games like Dishonored where they give you the room and ability to pretty much do whatever you want to get to an objective with flexible powers is always something I fancy. This means replay value goes up (if the game is good, of course), and opens a door for players to explore stages and other content that devs placed throughout the game.

With that said, this brings us to the info provided in the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine, where Smith noted how he was shocked how the newest abilities can be used in more complex ways than what they had originally planned.

It was stated that a player used an ability called “Domino” — Which links nearby enemies together to finish them off — with another ability entitled “Doppelganger” to re-project a clone to the enemies. The player then linked the crowd to the Doppelganger to wipe them out by incapacitating the clone.

But that’s not all. Another perk revealed was by lead designer Dinga Bakaba, who explained another developer’s experience with the Doppelganger ability…

“Someone at Arkane came to me a while back with a question: ‘Should spring razormines be triggered by your doppelganger?’ Usually I don’t answer those questions except to say, ‘Why do you ask?’ And he said, ‘I summoned my doppelganger and I tried to place a mine nearby because I wanted to do a trap, but I actually put the mine on the doppelganger.’ So when the enemy arrives they run after her and–bam! When they catch up, they explode in gibs.”

I can imagine all the cool things one can do with that Doppelganger ability. Although the link ability sounds cool for a radius effect to kill all linked enemies, I think the Doppelganger has a cool side to it in which it can distract, hold razormines and intertwine with other abilities for action and stealth gameplay.

The original game already gave players a wide variety of unique kill opportunities that were pretty cool, which I’m sure the newest game will provide. For those exited for Dishonored 2, you will be able to play it on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 11th.

And before closing this one out, if you aren’t familiar with the world of Dishonored and what you can do, I’ll leave you with the “Badass Stealth High Chaos” video that StealthGamerBR did in one go…

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