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1416470cookie-checkCrazy Justice: Borderlands-style Third Person Shooter Seeks Greenlight

Crazy Justice: Borderlands-style Third Person Shooter Seeks Greenlight

Crazy Justice is a new indie third-person shooter developed by Black Riddles Studio. Once you see the graphics art-style and find out the game is in a semi-open world, it is hard to compare it to anything else other than the Borderlands series.

Crazy Justice has cel-shaded graphics in a crazy dystopian style world, filled with giant monsters and strange robotic machines. Gameplay-wise, it sounds like a mix of Borderlands and Killing Floor. Players will be able to customize their character using Drones, I’m not entirely sure how it works, but it sounds like a machine that lives in symbiosis with your character, giving you special abilities as well as changing your character’s appearance.

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Crazy Justice has a variety of game modes, you will be able to do the Single story campaign mode, or play it cooperatively with friends. In this mode you collect Fans, which I assume is this world’s version of experience points so that you can further upgrade and customize your character. The other game modes sounds like standard death match and capture the flag game types, but there is another one where it is four players scattered across the map all working together to destroy a single boss monster. Weapons, drone skills, the player skill tree and player appearance, will all be customizable so that you can shape your character and gear to your play style.

So far, it doesn’t appear to have any vehicles or faster forms of transportation from what I have seen, so it looks like you will be stuck to traveling on foot. Developers Black Riddles Studios has released a few gameplay videos and trailers to give you a sneak peek at what Crazy Justice has to offer, so I linked a couple of them down below so you can see for yourself.

Although parts of the gameplay looks a bit clunky and could use some polish, I am actually looking forward to seeing more of this as it moves closer to release. A third person Killing Floor-style boss arena game mixed with a semi-open world shooter sounds like a blast to me.

For now, Crazy Justice is currently seeking votes for Steam Greenlight, so if you are interested you can follow the provided link to cast your vote. Crazy Justice so far has a release date set for November of 2016 for PC, and also has plans to release for Xbox One and Play Station 4, so you won’t have to wait too long to get your hands on this game. For additional details and announcements about Crazy Justice, you can visit Black Riddles Studio official website to learn more.

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