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1416090cookie-checkE3 2016: Farming Simulator 2017 Trailer Revealed With Console Mod Support

E3 2016: Farming Simulator 2017 Trailer Revealed With Console Mod Support

Focus Home Interactive and Giants Software released a new trailer for the very popular simulator series, Farming Simulator 2017. With a new E3 video showcasing the new farming vehicles, the official website announces console mod support for the game, which will hit PC, PS4 and Xbox One sometime this Fall.

Seeing how popular these games are, it comes as no surprise that the devs would come around with a newer game for 2017. Whether you were surprised or not when the video was shown during E3, folks that enjoyed the trailer and game will now be able to enjoy all the modding fun on consoles, too.

Taking a step back before talking about the mods, the vanilla version of Farming Simulator 2017 will feature some 60 brands and over 200 new tractors and farming vehicles that consist of the Valtra, Massey Ferguson, Fendt, and Challenger. I’m sure all those who love their farming machines can now start drooling over the new entries.

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As for modding tools for consoles they will allow PS4 and Xbox One players to deck their game out with PC made mods. Scenery elements, animals, vehicles and other features will now be available for console folks when the devs release the support around or after the game debuts this Fall.

Furthermore, I do have to say that the trailer’s renderings almost look real at times in the video, which stands as a CG trailer. But if you want to watch Farming Simulator 2017’s trailer, with its silly sounding music, you can check it out below courtesy of PlayStation.

If you want to read up on the official post over on you can do so now, which details all what fans can expect from its gameplay and modding. The official release date is slated for this Fall for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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