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1416400cookie-checkE3 2016: Forza Horizon 3 Video Previews Cars, Chinooks And Rally Races

E3 2016: Forza Horizon 3 Video Previews Cars, Chinooks And Rally Races

In case you missed the blink-and-you-missed-it presentation of Forza Horizon 3 during Microsoft’s E3 press conference, there have been eight minutes of gameplay footage released to give you more of an in-depth look at Forza Horizon 3 for the Xbox One and Windows 10.

DSO Gaming picked up the news from over on IGN’s YouTube channel where they rolled out the eight minute video that you can check out below. Oh yeah, don’t skip over the Chinook helicopter carrying a jeep in a race against a dune buggy.

Generally, Forza Horizon 3 keeps in the spirit of the other two games: It’s a bright, happy looking game that takes place across the exotic, multi-cultured bosom of Australia.

Players will be able to take charge of the event this time around, as they’ll be the ones hosting the event, very much like they could take charge in Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 on Zack’s island. Oh wait, the average person who didn’t import the game has no idea what I’m talking about since SJWs made sure that title didn’t reach the shelves of retailers on Western shores.

Anyway, the trailer above gives gamers a gorgeous look at some of the great looking environments and scene-chewing backdrops. Just check out this shot below from in-game.

Forza Horizon 3

If that were a lollipop… I would like it.

The addition of Baja-style rally buggies and 4×4 jeeps makes for an interesting mix of asphalt racing and off-road rally racing.

The general theme of this new game reminds me of a revitalized version of Test Drive Unlimited. Anyone remember those games? They were actually pretty fun… you could just drive and drive and drive. Some days I would just listen to the in-game radio and just go. It was so relaxing.

According to a fact sheet rolled out over on DualShockers, we learn that the game has a pavilion of biomes sprawled out from the central Australian location, this includes forests, beaches, open plains, mountain regions, countrysides and even cities.

There will be more than 100 hours worth of gameplay content, including the ability to make your own events using the new Blueprint feature. And according to the official Forza Horizon 3 website, gamers will be able to customize and outfit each of the 350 cars included in the game. All of this is doable with up to three friends via the constant co-op mode that they’ve implemented into the new game.

You can look to get your hands on Forza Horizon 3 for Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One this fall starting September 27th.

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