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1416060cookie-checkE3 2016: The Surge Is A Dystopian, Exo-Suit Action Game

E3 2016: The Surge Is A Dystopian, Exo-Suit Action Game

Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive recently unveiled the new game The Surge. It’s one of the titles that has appeared during this year’s E3 and it features players taking on the role of a member of a contract workforce group known as CREO, who are tasked with reversing the detrimental effects of global warming.

This is far into the future where mechs and exo-suits are common place and advanced weaponry like handheld laser cutters are large enough and dangerous enough to slice things in half with one swipe.

The Surge sees things going horribly wrong in the CREO mega-corporation and the rescue operation to save Earth is put into jeopardy. Players will have to battle through other exo-suit wearing workers as well as giant mechs. You can check out the E3 trailer below.

Players will be able to expand and evolve their suit, along with gaining access to new and upgraded weaponry.

As showcased in the trailer above, there’s a strong focus on duel-style encounters, where players will have to time their attacks, block, dodge and counter using the deadly arsenal of weapons available on the exo-suit.

In a way, it reminds me a little bit of Dead Space meets Lords of the Fallen. I’m not complaining.

It’s cool that we get a different kind of setting, atmosphere and theme with the Dark Souls-inspired sub-genre. Hopefully Deck13 takes the opportunity to really dive deep into their own mythos and give gamers a nice variety of equipment to use throughout the journey.

Essentially the goal of the game is to find out what happened with CREO and why things turned sour in their attempt to reverse global warming. You can look for The Surge to go live sometime in 2017 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

You can fill your head with more info by hitting up the game’s official website.

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