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Here’s How To Beat The Division’s Dragon’s Nest Incursion Boss

If you are having trouble with the new Dragon’s Nest Incursion mission on Tom Clancy’s The Division, there are some new ways to get past it if you and your team support each other correctly. The Underground DLC is out now along with update 1.3 for PC and Xbox One, and will be available for PS4 players on August 2nd.

For most experienced players the new Dragon’s Nest Incursion that arrives with the Underground DLC stands to be somewhat simple for them, but that’s not the case for everyone else. Those having trouble will be able to overcome this mission by doing a few tricks that leaves room for players to add their own twist to the Incursion.

The first most important thing is to bring a person with team healing and the skill Immunizer to negate any status damage like fire. This will help you kill all the Engineers before facing the Four Horseman. Second, kite the Four Horsemen around the stage so that you can break up CQC so you and your team have time to regroup and deal more damage instead of reviving each other. Looking over to the third part, make sure that you get all of their lives to one bar (the bosses) so that you can kill them all in one sweep instead of having to deal with more enemies rushing in per boss death.

Lastly, the Fire-truck that shoots mortars is quite simple if you hide behind some pipes opposite of the truck while using healing skills, the Immunizer, and Smart Cover. This will reduce damage to your team, and will take less when hit by the fire while recovering health.

In addition, it’s worth noting that you and your team will need to press three pairs of consoles at the same time (five times) to complete the mission. For a more in-depth look at The Division’s Incursion, you can watch GameGlitches explain both parts — If you want to get straight into the video skip to 0:35.

The next video is by ShadowRock9 who shows a slightly different method on how to beat the Incursion. You can check out the video below.

The Division’s Underground DLC is out now along with update 1.3 for both PC and Xbox One. As for PS4 players, the update and DLC will arrive later.

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