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1416260cookie-checkIndie Pogo Brings Smash Bros. Style Action To Steam Greenlight

Indie Pogo Brings Smash Bros. Style Action To Steam Greenlight

Indie Pogo is like a pogo stick version of Super Smash Bros. It’s a four-player battle arena deathmatch game where you win by attempting to smash your opponent’s head in by frantically jumping on them with a pogo stick.

Indie Pogo has really simple controls and gameplay that mostly consists of you jumping with a single button, and maneuvering your character around to dodge your opponents. Based on some of the stage designs, you can see that Super Mario was part of the inspiration behind this project. The music sounds like 8-bit chiptunes, the graphics follows the retro pixel-art style, and the gameplay looks like it would be a fun time waster to play with your friends as you jump and bounce around the stages in an attempt to defeat your rivals.

Indie Pogo has a list of goofy looking characters to play, however the developers at Lowe Bros Studios somehow managed to get an impressive list of other indie characters from over forty different game companies to collaborate with them, bringing dozens of characters from other popular indie games to guest star and cameo in Indie Pogo. Just to name a few, there are characters from VVVVV, Teslagrad, Two Brothers, JumpJet Rex, and many more, all battling it out in a variety of different arenas.

Indie Pogo will have four player local play combat to play with your friends at home, but you can also take the fight online battle across the world. The developers released a gameplay trailer to showcase Indie Pogo in action, so I linked the trailer down below so you can see for yourself.

For now, Indie Pogo is currently looking to accepted on Steam Greenlight, so if you are interested you can follow the provided link to cast your vote and learn more. For any additional details and information about Indie Pogo, you can also visit their official website to learn more.

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