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Infineon: Arcade Mech Shooter Is Looking For Greenlight Approval

Infineon is an arcade space shooter running on the Unreal Engine 4, and developed By Crazy Bullet Studio. The main theme of the game? A special Spaceship with the ability to transform into a powerful Mechanized robot.

Infineon follows the concept of most rail space shooters, similar to games like Nintendo’s Star Fox series, however it also combines features from other arcade space shooters to create something a bit unique. Your ship, the A.A.V.G, has two different mode functions: Jet Mode for your standard spaceship; and Mecha Mode for your giant humanoid attack suit.

While you are in Jet mode, you will be able to move around using a Twin Stick control scheme. One stick moves your ship around to maneuver the play-field, while the other moves your target crosshair so that you can choose where your bullets are firing. You will have an auto-lock on function so that you can shoot off a barrage of missiles and have those missiles seek and destroy to wipe out heavily armored targets. Alternatively you can use Mecha mode, which gives you more freedom with how you aim to give players the choice to manually aim and launch your barrage of missiles at the exact location of your crosshair for precision shots. The below video that I linked in demonstrates how the two different functions operate.

As you can see from the above video, there are also two different game modes for Infineon. The Rail mode, as mentioned above where you are on a set path and the game moves you along to complete your objective and complete stages, and then the Free mode where it is exactly as it sounds like, you are free to fly around in open space and adventure out to destroy targets.

I can imagine that Jet mode would be preferred for free roam to give you the ability to auto-lock on to targets so you won’t have to focus on trying to aim and shoot individual enemies. Some of the stage designs look rather complex, ranging from flying around in space during the middle of a large scale battle, to planetside fights to wipe out ground forces, and even flying inside complex structures rigged with deadly traps and lasers.

The developers have released a second video to showcase their game and how all the features work. The video that I linked down below shows more gameplay and tells bits of the story.

Infineon is currently on Steam Greenlight searching for votes to get accepted for the Steam store, so if you are interested in supporting the game, you can follow the provided link to cast your vote and learn more.

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