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Obduction Trailer Preps For July 26th Release Date

Cyan released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming spiritual successor to Myst. It doesn’t really showcase much of anything you haven’t already seen, but it’s good for gamers who can’t wait to get their hands on the puzzle-oriented adventure game, which will make its gameplay debut at E3 and showcase some of its VR capabilities.

The trailer gives gamers a series of clips based on different locations that they will visit. The trailer reiterates what was hinted at in previous trailers: that players are abducted and brought to this strange new land. We see a house sort of baked into a wall, a broken warehouse in a train yard, and a lot of beautiful, idyllic locations sprinkled in between the somewhat alien landscapes. You can check out the trailer below.

And speaking of alien worlds… some of the scenery is just breathtaking. We get some cinematographic beauty shots that pan along giant windmills rotating beneath a mechanical pathway that seemingly overhangs an endless pit. We see rickety platforms connecting some kind of disparate caves alongside a cliff’s edge. There are a lot of interesting looking set pieces being used in the game.

I’m not exactly sure how it’s played or to what extent players will have control over what they do, but the title looks pretty cool for what they’re going for, and that’s a spiritual successor to Myst.

Obduction was Kickstarter a while back and is one of the few games that has turned out not to be a scam.

Ahead of its release in July, Cyan will be displaying the game during IndieCade expo at E3, along with showing off some of its VR capabilities. The title will be available for $29.99 starting July 26th, next month.

Gamers in the mood for a first-person puzzle adventure with VR support, may want to keep a very close eye on Obduction when it’s time to release.

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