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Overwatch’s Genji Playermodel And Ragdoll Download Available For Garry’s Mod

Tracer, Widowmaker, Mei and Mercy may be the most popular characters in Overwatch when it comes to searching up SFM models and Garry’s Mod playermodels and ragdolls, but some of the content creators within the GMod community are starting to ease more Overwatch characters onto the scene to see if maybe gamers might like to mess around with some of the other members of the roster.

Recently Steam Workshop user N-cognito posted up a playermodel and ragdoll for the cyborg ninja, Genji. He happens to be Hanzo’s brother, thought to originally have died at the hands of Hanzo, but he came back as a ninja… a cyborg ninja.

User Rexx ripped the model from Overwatch while N-cognito ported it over and rigged it up in the Source Engine. It’s now fully usable in the Source Filmmaker and for your Garry’s Mod purposes. You can see what the Genji playermodel looks like in action with the test video below.

Now if you want to use Genji in the game, you have to have Team Fortress 2 mounted. You have to keep the game mounted to take the advantage of some of the shaders and assets provided by Team Fortress 2. It’s pertinent given that Overwatch shares a very similar kind of cartoon style in Team Fortress 2 so it’s not surprising that you would need it to play Overwatch characters.

N-cognito has implemented HL2 collisions, custom C_model arms, two different ragdolls, and six different skins.

The skins show up slightly different depending on the stage you’re in, and the lighting varies, so if you’re just playing normally it won’t matter but if you’re looking to do machinima you will definitely need to make some modifications to the light sources because the shaders on the model are kind of bright.

You can download the Genji playermodel and ragdoll right now from over on the Steam Workshop page. Additionally there’s a Genji expression add-on that adds vocal samples to the character as well. You can download the Genji player expression from Steam Workshop as well.

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