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1414690cookie-checkPS1-Looking Game BallisticNG Brings More Content In Update 0.4.2

PS1-Looking Game BallisticNG Brings More Content In Update 0.4.2

The PlayStation 1 graphics come back yet again in Vonsnake’s racing game BallisticNG. Said to play out like Formula Fusion and Wipeout, folks looking to jump into a game with low resolution around 512×384 and fast racing, get ready because update 0.4.2 offers more to the low res racer. 

Before detailing the new content featured in update 0.4.2, let’s look at what the game seeks to offer to players. Released back on May 15th for PC via Steam Early Access, racers will take the wheel of authentic PS1 looking sci-fi race crafts that demand players to hone the ability of anti-gravity racing at every corner.

BallisticNG has five different speed classes for different skill sets that are easy and become much harsher as each tier rises in class. Based on the first few Wipeout games, expect a lot of cutting corners and track manipulation like Jet Moto or Star Wars Episode 1: Racer, as noted below…

“BallisticNG is a free anti-gravity racing game heavily inspired by the first three Wipeout games. Taking place in the year 2159, you take control of high speed racing ships across a variety of different courses.”

The low res racer also features 14 tracks, 13 team setups, five game modes, and a nice treat to those who like to mod the game with modding tools, a track editor, ship editor and custom sounds.

This now brings us to update 0.4.2. This brings a new auto polite function before dropping you off cold. Before folks didn’t have an indicator, but now it shows you how much time you have left before it ends.

Survival mode now has its very own result screen unlike before, and tags along with a photo tool that can be accessed through the pause menu. There’s a lot more that was added, and if you want to see the latest trailer for update 0.4.2, you can check it out below.

If you are interested in the game, it currently holds an overall rating of “Very Positive” on Steam Early Access, and currently has no price — meaning it is free.

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