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Quake: Champions Will Run At 120fps

Bethesda Software announced in connection with id Software, a brand new entry in the long-running competitive shooter, Quake. The newest game will be running on the id Tech 6 and some new tech from Saber Interactive, and it will support gameplay running at up to 120hz for pure 120 frames per second gameplay or fully unlocked FPS. You also know what the 120hz specs might mean… right? VR support.

Bethesda nor id Software rolled out any specifics on if VR was the core of Quake: Champions but an FPS with VR support might be the kind of killer app that the VR market needs to finally get normal gamers interested in the market.

Nevertheless, during the E3 press conference, Bethesda rolled out a new trailer that you can check out below showing some cinematic team-play, which doesn’t end well for the traditional Quake Guy and his female companion.

The trailer depicts a couple of different classes, each with their own weapons and skills being utilized in battle. According to id Software, the game will still be arena-based, similar to Quake 3. They’re designing the game around the e-sports community in hopes that Bethesda and id will be able to take a piece of the e-sports pie.

Details on the game are thin, but they did mention that they would be talking more about the game at QuakeCon in August. Only four of the character classes were revealed, but there’s likely going to be a lot more revealed leading up to and at QuakeCon.

During the conference they also talked about Bethesda VR and mentioned that it would be demoed on DOOM. I can’t imagine that Bethesda VR would be limited to DOOM and Fallout 4 without taking advantage of Quake: Champions and its 120fps capabilities.

According to the press conference, though, Bethesda VR support for Fallout 4 won’t go live for the HTC Vive until next year. So I wouldn’t be surprised if that same kind of VR support makes an appearance for Quake: Champions as well.

For now, the multiplayer shooter has only been announced but we can most certainly expect to see more when the shooter is demoed at QuakeCon this August. Platforms weren’t fully specified but expect the usual suspects to make the cut, including the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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