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1415090cookie-checkSecurity Hole Takes Tetris-Style Puzzles And Adds 3-dimensional Levels

Security Hole Takes Tetris-Style Puzzles And Adds 3-dimensional Levels

Security Hole is developed by the indie development team, AnRaEl. The main objective is to hack a computer system using 3D geometric shapes and stacking them together to create complex keys to access the system.

Security Hole gameplay concept is similar to Tetris where you move the shapes in the right order to clear the level. The difference with Security Hole is that there are no shadows, and you must adjust and rotate the shapes in a floating 3D environment. The game mostly plays on the theme of perception and your spacial awareness to determine how to arrange and fit all the pieces together inside the flat two dimensional key hole.

You just won’t be rotating and adjusting square blocks though, there are a variety of different puzzles and challenges. You play as a hacker attempting to break through complex security protection systems, but instead of typing out long strings of code, you solve geometric puzzles instead. Security Hole started as an Android mobile game, but now the developers are porting it over for PC.

I downloaded and played the mobile version and I think that the port is a better idea. The touchscreen controls — although they worked, were also a bit clunky and difficult to rotate the pieces the way I wanted, which made the puzzles more complex and frustrating than they should have been. Add in a time limit to rush you into making a choice and things quickly become messy. However, the concept and the basic game idea was a lot of fun and a great challenge. You can take a look at the Steam Greenlight trailer that I linked down below.

Security Hole is currently seeking votes for the PC version on Steam Greenlight, so if you are interested you can follow the provided link to show your support. Additionally, you can also check out the official AnRaEl website for further details and to download the Android mobile app version.

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