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1416970cookie-checkShadow Warrior 2 E3 Trailer Shows Co-op Gameplay And Giant Chainsaws

Shadow Warrior 2 E3 Trailer Shows Co-op Gameplay And Giant Chainsaws

Recently Eurogamer posted up some gameplay footage of Shadow Warrior 2 featuring tons of gameplay and the new cooperative mode that Flying Wild Hog has been working on.

Blues spotted the video, which features 22 minutes of uninterrupted gameplay. You get to see some sub-boss fights, the new upgrade system in play, as well as a large variety of the different weapons and Lo Wang’s abilities. You can check out the video below.

The footage gives gamers a look at the grenade launcher, the mystically-imbued mini-gun, and the sweet looking shotgun, which has some impressive reloading animations. If you’ve played Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and used the Galleria 1991 shotgun then you’ll be familiar with some of the reloading animations present for the shotgun.

One of the mission quests is finding the demonic rod, as pictured in the main image of this article. I noticed the video stopped to look at the rod for an inexplicably long time. At first I didn’t get it… I was thinking “Why did he stop to look at that giant rod… ohhhh”.

During a demonstration of the game in a sit-down with Meredith Molina, it was mentioned that there would be plenty of Wang jokes this time around, to which Molina replied “ I need more Wang in my life”.

Getting back to the actual gameplay…

Shadow Warrior 2

We later see the new and improved chainsaw in action. For many of the weapons it’s possible to get a relic that enables Lo Wang to dual-wield various weapons, it definitely makes me wonder if it’s possible to dual-wield chainsaws in the game?

Based on what was showcased there’s a lot of different opportunities and options present in the game. The levels are big enough where there’s a sort of sandbox feel to their design, giving gamers a variety of ways to attack the levels, including using a bit of stealth in some segments.

Lo Wang’s magic abilities are also put on display, along with status effective enemies, some of which are immune to magic, or weak against fire, etc., etc. The enemies have a somewhat Borderlands-style status paradigm attached to them, so they’re not just standard bullet sponges but may require a bit of tactics and teamwork to take down.

You can look for Shadow Warrior 2 to launch later into 2016 for the PC, Xbox One and PS4. For more info feel free to visit the official website.

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