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Symmetry: Strategy Adventure Game Heads To Steam Greenlight And Seeks Votes

Rocking a lo-fi vector look, indie devs Klabater seeks to get their game Symmetry through Steam Greenlight. Focusing on surviving, eating and finding a way off a post-apocalyptic planet, strategy is a key component to making it through the deadly weather patterns in Symmetry.

The best way to describe Klabater’s “Strategy Adventure” is a time management survival game. Players are set on a post-apocalyptic world that imbues harsh weather patterns that are fatal if one sticks around for too long. The whole premise is to keep everyone alive, while building resources to get off the deadly planet and get back home.

I notice something that the devs heavily focus on is the game’s story and music. They note that the story is compelling and helps sustain the harsh environment of the game, which is meant to pull players into the world of Symmetry. I hope the small team isn’t bragging and they actually took the time to craft a good story (along with music) to increase the player’s experience with the game.

symmetry 2

With that said, I do have to say that the game does look very pleasing if you are into the whole vector look. And not to mention, it comes from Steam Greenlight, and most projects on there don’t always look legit or pleasing. But enough on that, you can read the game’s official description below.

“A research spaceship reaches an abandoned planet. Nothing is what it seems here and the situation quickly slips out of control. Can the crew manage to survive and get back home?”

Before dropping the video, it should be noted that not much gameplay is shown in the video, which is something that devs should really focus on when making a trailer. Folks always want to know what they’re getting into without everything being spoiled. With that out of the way, you can watch the snippet of gameplay in the latest Greenlight trailer.

If you are down with the concept of helping a stranded crew out who are lost on another planet, and you’re willing to attempt to keep everyone sane and healthy, you will be able to do so by voting for the game on Greenlight. However, if you want to learn more about the devs and the game, you can head on over to either or

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