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1414640cookie-checkThe King Of Fighters XIV Art Of Fighting Trailer Features Yuri’s Butt Slap

The King Of Fighters XIV Art Of Fighting Trailer Features Yuri’s Butt Slap

SNK released the latest trailer for The King of Fighters XIV, this time featuring the trio of Ryo, Robert and Yuri demonstrating each of their movesets and special moves.

The trailer has surfaced over on the PlayStation YouTube channel and is only a minute and 44 seconds long, so it won’t take up too much time in your day. You can check it out below.

It starts with Ryo, giving gamers a look at his more traditional karate techniques. Many of the moves that helped define his skills in previous Art of Fighting and King of Fighters games makes a return here, including his counter abilities, where he can block and launch a counter combo on opponents.

He still has his patented special fireball and the straight punch that can send an opponent spiraling across the screen. It never gets old.

Robert appears to have undergone quite a few changes with his combos. He has a few new strings that he didn’t previously have, even though the moves themselves are somewhat the same. His ability to chain-link also looks really good with the new meter gauges burning.

King of Fighters XIV - Image12

He also appears to have an Orlando Bloom look going on from the Pirates of the Caribbean. His special move also looks really good here in King of Fighters XIV. The cinematic camera zooms and attention to the detail in the animations really helps bring that move to life.

Last but not least is Yuri.

They made her look a lot younger in this version of the game, giving her a softer face, a more tomboyish haircut and a much smaller frame. I’m curious how well the change will go over with the community?

King of Fighters Yuri

In addition to making her looks a lot softer they also made her moves a lot softer, too. Her grab-attack and slap combo is a lot more dainty looking compared to the more comedic and over-the-top grab from previous King of Fighter titles, but her cheeky butt slap (and yes, Yuri had a butt slap way before R. Mika) is loud and proud and very much on display in the trailer above. Again, it’s going to be interesting to see what the feedback will be like for this new Yuri. Previously I always thought of her as a female version of Kensou, but now she seems to have a different direction for the way her fighting is portrayed.

You can look for King of Fighters XIV to launch on the PS4 starting August 23rd.

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