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1414810cookie-checkTomato Jones: A Pitfall And Indiana Jones Inspired Platformer Seeks Greenlight

Tomato Jones: A Pitfall And Indiana Jones Inspired Platformer Seeks Greenlight

I have to admit, when I saw Tomato Jones it brought a smile to my face and I thought it was kind of cute. This reminds me of the type of game I would have played as a kid and just spammed it for hours trying to conquer the hardest levels.

It’s not the most amazing game I’ve seen on Greenlight, but it does have that nostalgic platformer feeling to it that is reminiscent of games like the classic Cool Spot game on the Sega Genesis, Pitfall, and the classic Pacman Adventures.

Developer Haidme has submitted the game to Steam Greenlight to get his game approved for the official Steam Store, and is currently looking to receive enough votes to make it happen.

Tomato Jones 2

Clicking on the link and seeing that the game was about a tomato made me curious, but not very interested, but after seeing the simple puzzle and platform elements, combined with the traps, the trolley cars, and all the other obstacles that hinder Tomato Jones‘ path, and I became a bit more interested in the game and wanted to see what else it had to offer.

Something about the kid friendly tomato violence, mixed with the Pitfall survival platform elements made the game standout as something that could potentially be a lot of fun. What’s the objective of the game? I’ll just quote the developer so you can understand how it all works.

“Tomato Jones is a physics-based puzzle/adventure game. It combines the classical gameplay of an RPG platformers with the skill driven game style of the ball rolling games.
“Your goal is to collect all coins and the hidden golden artifact at the end of each level, while avoiding various dangerous traps, obstacles and enemies. The game is crafted in the atmosphere of “Indiana Jones” movies, while trying to be as funny and humorous as it can be.

Check out the gameplay trailer for Tomato Jones that I linked down below to see all the traps and the violent tomato sauce deaths for yourself.

Tomato Jones will have 20 levels for you to survive through and conquer, soft body tomato style physics, and a cute little soundtrack as you adventure through the stages to move forward on the world map. World map? Yeah, apparently it seems to have a Donkey Kong Country style world map of some kind, so I am curious to see how that works as well.

If you are interested in learning more about Tomato Jones, you can head on over to their Steam Greenlight page to learn more or cast your vote to help them get approved.

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