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1415060cookie-checkWotan: Sidescroller Beat’em up Starts Kickstarter Campaign

Wotan: Sidescroller Beat’em up Starts Kickstarter Campaign

Wotan is a Side-scrolling beat’em up game developed by Samuel Lopez De Victoria. Wotan has a really unique hand drawn comic book art style, that mixes in old-school 2D drawing techniques with anthropomorphic characters, that all takes place in a city filled with violence and corruption.

Wotan is using the retro action formula for their gameplay mechanics, but without going full pixel-art. The animation and graphics style reminds me a lot of the classic action game Comic Zone.

The main character is a grizzled humanoid wolf, out traveling the streets and battling the vicious creatures that stand in his way. I’m not entirely sure about the story and what Wotan is all about, but the developer does say that your actions and choices affects the story and will also allow you to build new alliances and make dangerous enemies.


As you play through the story, you will have the choice to either kill NPCs or spare their lives, which will have consequences or benefits depending on your choices as the story progresses. From what it sounds like, Wotan won’t be your common Beat’em up, but will also have NPCs and travel elements as you interact with people and meet new faces to add a bit of variety to the gameplay. The developers also say that there will be motorcycle combat scenes where you will be attacked while on the road. Watching real gameplay always helps, and the developers released a small teaser gameplay video that showcases Wotan in action, you can check out the linked video and watch it down below.

Last but not least, for those of you that actually want to get a feel for Wotan, you can download and play the free Alpha demo by visiting the developer’s official website. Furthermore, if you would like to see Wotan come to steam, you can vote for the game on their Steam Greenlight page, as well as support the developer on his new Kickstarter Campaign to help him raise funds.

So far, an official release date doesn’t seem to be in sight, and the developers are currently just looking to finish the game. Keep an eye out in the future for further news and updates.

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