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1419600cookie-checkAksys Games Releases New BlazBlue: Central Fiction Trailer

Aksys Games Releases New BlazBlue: Central Fiction Trailer

Aksys Games has been releasing videos recently for their fighting game BlazBlue: Central Fiction, and a lot of them have been putting the game’s newest characters in the spotlight. In the game’s latest trailer, the video comes in with new English dubs flaunting off the 2D visuals. BlazBlue Central Fiction is set to come out next year for PS3 and PS4.

Those who might already know, or may not, BlazBlue: Central Fiction is set to debut next year during the Fall. This installment comes from the works of Aksys Games and Arc System Works, who plan to release their fighting game for PS3 and PS4.

As noted in previous reports we did pertaining to the game, BlazBlue: Central Fiction is all about well-timed action between two fighters battling for victory. Mashing massive amounts of characters and game modes into one entity is said to bring innovation into a rhythmatic hard hitting and steady pummeling game.

Furthermore, BlazBlue fans who are eagerly awaiting the game’s initial release will gain access to over 33 unique fighters, a list of levels, modes and moves-sets on release.

The trailer by Aksys Games can be seen in below, showing various characters and in-game features.

For those that don’t know, Blazblue has always been about over-the-top gameplay and combat with sides of strategic measures. This is further enhanced with the additions of Exceed Accel and active Flow. Exceed Accel is activated during an Overdrive and unleashes a chaotic attack that deals a lot of damage to the opponent. Active Flow utilizes the Heat Gauge and once activated, boosts your attack power as well as your Exceed Accel damage.

If all of the above interests you, the game is set to come out next year during the fall for PS3 and PS4, and will sport both a physical release and digital download version on release.

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