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1417880cookie-checkBlazblue: Central Fiction Gains A New Trailer Announcing Console Release

Blazblue: Central Fiction Gains A New Trailer Announcing Console Release

The stylized 2D fighting game by Arc System Works, better known as Blazblue: Central Fiction, has a new trailer that shows off more characters and in-game anime cut-scenes. Blazblue: Central Fiction will be available for PS3 and PS4 on October 6th in Japan, and will launch sometime this Winter across the west.

It’s no surprise that the trailer below will one day receive an English trailer that translates everything for western fans to understand, but while we wait for Arc System Works to publish a new video trailer, folks can watch the new original trailer for Blazblue: Central Fiction.

The newly released trailer runs close to two minutes in length and shows quick glimpses of 2D fighting. However, it mainly revolves around anime cut-scenes throughout. You can watch the new trailer below.

Furthermore, the latest implementation into the series introduces an all-new story, and features a list of new characters. This includes demon/cyborg hybrids, vampires, berserkers, animal-like factions and, yes, science experiments. All of the above will be playable in the upcoming roster of characters in Central Fiction.

Nevertheless, we also have familiar faces returning to the arena to wreak some havoc with flashy moves and crazy skills.

Moreover, I do have to admit that after watching the trailer the combat looks extremely fast. I like fast combat in fighting games because it allows for linking combos better and a variety of moves that don’t consist of air-juggling your opponent into submission. In other words it eliminates stiff movement and choppy fighting, but promotes quick back and forth matches between two players.

For those interested in Blazblue: Central Fiction, the fighting game currently has a launch date of of October 6th for PS3 and PS4 over in Japan. As for the western version, the game looks to be for PS3 and PS4 and will release sometime this Winter.

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