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1418510cookie-checkBlazBlue: Central Fiction Trailer Details New Fighter Es

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Trailer Details New Fighter Es

Arc System Works now has a new trailer showing one of the new characters in BlazBlue: Central Fiction, which is Es. Wielding a gigantic sword that links well with her constant ongoing combos, folks are now able to get a sneak peek at some of her cut-scenes as well as some of her moves. BlazBlue: Central Fiction is set to come out over in Japan on October 6th for PS3 and PS4, along with a western release set for the end of this year.

With developer Arc System Works planning on releasing BlazBlue: Central Fiction later this year, which will drop around four to five months from now, the game received a new character teaser trailer showing off one of the five new characters in Central Fiction’s roster.

Like most fighting games, there’s a variety of characters to choose from and this game is no different. In addition to the characters, Es comes from XBlaze Code: Embryo and is one of the five new characters who joins BlazBlue: Central Fiction. The other four characters consist of Hibiki Kohaku, Nine the Phantom, Naoto Kurogane and Hades Izanami.

Folks also will gain access to new modes called Speed Star Mode and Alliance Mode. These also bring with them new fighting mechanics like “Exceed Accel” and “Active Flow.” If you want, you can check out Es’ new video that shows her moves and small snippets of her story cut-scenes.

Those looking for more than battling each opponent into submission, there will be a 40+ hour story mode with fully animated scenes. Joining all of these hours of story mode gameplay are 30+ characters to pick from and over 60 stages to battle on.

If the 2D fighting game BlazBlue: Central Fiction seems interesting, it will be playable on the PS3 and PS4 over in Japan on October 6th. A western release will also land sometime this year during the Winter.

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