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1418540cookie-checkClocker Tasks Gamers With Manipulating Time To Save Your Daughter’s Life

Clocker Tasks Gamers With Manipulating Time To Save Your Daughter’s Life

Clocker looks like a really interesting concept. The game places you in the role of a father and a daughter who’s lives are turned upside down after a freak accident.

It appears that the game is developed by the indie team ppl3232. The graphics for Clocker is in a 2D cartoon world that looks like a hand animated watercolor painting. The story follows the clock maker John and his daughter Alice, where one day a tragic accident happens that places both of their lives at risk.

John attempts to save Alice, and as a result gets trapped in between time, a state of where everything is frozen and he is the only thing that can move. However, John can manipulate certain events to shape the future, move certain objects forward by a few seconds to disrupt the timeline to bend events in his favor.

Using his new found powers, John attempts to save his daughter’s life from the accident. The only problem is that he seems to be trapped and can’t return to normal.

Clocker2This is where Clocker gets interesting, the game then switches perspective to Alice, and you can see how John’s actions affect the present to bend the world and change the outcome of events.

Alice is looking for her father but she can’t seem to find him. Based on the description on the Steam Greenlight page, players will switch between John and Alice to manipulate the world and watch how events play out; Clocker plays out like a puzzle adventure game, giving players the ability to control the timeline of different individuals to achieve different results.

The developers also say that one “man” can have several different endings. I’m not sure if they mean that the game has different endings, or if they mean that every individual character who’s timeline you manipulate can have a different ending? If it is the latter, that potentially gives you quite a bit of replayability to interact with the world to see all the different paths and timelines you can discover. The developers released a Gameplay trailer and I linked the video down below for you to watch.

If you are interested in seeing Clocker come to Steam, you can head on over to their Steam Greenlight page to cast your vote and learn more about the game.

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