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1418870cookie-checkDreambreak: Point-And-Click Action Adventure Coming To Steam July 21st

Dreambreak: Point-And-Click Action Adventure Coming To Steam July 21st

As a child, games like Out Of This World (AKA Another World) and Flashback were some of my favorite adventure games growing up, and now Dreambreak is following in their footsteps with another new adventure game developed by Aist Studio and published by Beatshapers and Digerati Distribution.

As you may have guessed from the above header image and the comparison to games like Flashback, Dreambreak is a retro style platform adventure game set in a futuristic world. The story focuses on an alternate post Cold War USSR setting, sprinkled with cyberpunk and what they call “Tech-noir” themes.You play as Eugene, a man framed for murder and searching for answers in this complicated world that he lives in so that he can clear his name and prove his innocence.

Dreambreak has a mix of both point-and-click puzzle elements, as well as classic arcade gameplay to create a modern day version of games you might remember from your childhood. Even the graphics and art style follows the same rotoscope aesthetic animation vibe from the early 1990s era of gaming that was used for consoles such as the 3DO, Amiga, and and Sega Mega Drive.

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The gameplay also looks quite similar to older game titles, with side-scrolling action and combat scenes that is mixed with a few puzzle elements to create a modern day classic-style adventure that Delphine Software (may you rest in peace) would be proud of, and as a bonus, you will also have multiple endings to discover to play the game a second time. The developers have released a gameplay trailer video so I linked it down below so you can see Dreambreak in action.

Dreambreak started on the Steam Greenlight community page and was eventually Greenlit to move on to the official Steam Store. If you are interested in playing Dreambreak you will be able to purchase it from the Steam store page on July 21st, 2016.

For more information about Dreambreak, you can also check out the developer’s official website for additional details and updates.

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