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1419590cookie-checkDystopy: Heavy Mech Action Platformer Now On Greenlight

Dystopy: Heavy Mech Action Platformer Now On Greenlight

Dystopy is a Side-scrolling action platformer, similar to the Super Metroid series of games, but focusing more on combat and the theme of beat’em up action games.

Dystopy is developed by the students of the Campus ADN. It sounds like Dystopy started off as a school project, but went farther to slowly become something bigger and is now nearing completion to become a real game. You play as a young mechanic named Sasha in search of her father, armed with her heavy robot suit R0-X4-N3 (Roxanne?).

You will be fighting against the evil cooperation Tekkrat as you battle through a series of levels in search of Sasha’s father. The cool part about Dystopy is that it looks like it plays similar to a MetroidVania.Dystopy2

The R0-X4-N3 gives you powerful combat abilities to wipe out your enemies and to jump from one platform to the next, but you will also be able to kneel down, power off your suit, and get out to travel the stages on foot as Sasha for more mobility, which will allow you to platform and wall hop to navigate the stages a bit more freely and to reach places you may not be able to get to using your mech suit.

There isn’t much information about the game other than what is currently posted on the Dystopy Steam Greenlight page. However, the developers did post up a gameplay video trailer to showcase the combat, the level designs, and the visual art style so that we can get an idea about what Dystopy will be like when it finally releases. Take a look at the Dystopy Steam Greenlight gameplay trailer that I linked down below.

Dystopy is planned to be released this coming fall on October 5th, 2016. If you are interested in seeing Dystopy come to Steam, you can head on over to cast your vote and learn more about the game on their Steam Greenlight page.

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