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Furi: Here’s How To Complete The Untouchable Trophy

There’s already a list of trophies showing how to get each and everyone, but one trophy in particular seems to be giving Furi combatants some trouble down the achievement road. This trophy stands to be the Untouchable trophy, in this guide folks will learn how to achieve it in Furi for PS4.

There’s no doubt that The Game Bakers’ game holds some difficult segments throughout it, but nonetheless you will be able to get past them through dedication and learning patterns. However, even if you made it through a specific scene it doesn’t mean that you got the trophy for that part/challenge.

One of the trophies looming over many players’ heads is the Untouchable trophy among others, which the last one would be the platinum trophy. The ideal behind getting the Untouchable trophy is as its name suggest, don’t get hit by a Guardian. One way to do this is by going against The Edge. Although this is based heavily on preference, you can use The Edge to counter his moves seeing how they have to charge up or have a lead time on them.

In addition, you can take loads of his life quickly and get the mission over with, if you find him easy to battle. If you can’t beat him without getting hit, c’est la vie. If you want to learn how to beat him without getting hit you can watch the video below by V-Phantomhive, which also shows how to get an S rank while fighting The Edge.

One thing that’s important is practice in Furi is that the more you keep practicing with a boss (like The Edge) the faster you will be able to beat that boss, as well as getting an S rank in the process. Lastly, if there are other bosses that seem easier I’d suggest go for them, but if The Edge seems easy like in the video, then he will be your best bet.

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