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God is a Cube Brings A New Type OF Puzzle Game To Steam Greenlight

God is a Cube: Nanomachines Rising is a new simulation puzzle game developed by Marc Kruzik. The beginning of the game alone will blow your mind as you start to realize the scope of what it is showing you and how this game works and what you can achieve with these little nanomachines.

God is a Cube: Nanomachines Rising is a pretty cool concept running on what the developer calls the “NanoCube Engine“. The game is about manipulating and programming nanomachines to maneuver them around complex levels while also taking the time to program them to think and solve puzzles.

The game uses logic based puzzles and simple icons and combines them together to create simple commands that pretty much anyone can pickup and learn. Sounds simple right? After you understand the basics, the game takes those concepts to create more complex environments to really make you think outside the box. God is a Cube plays out a little like the classic game Lemmings, but in a slightly more complex manner by having you give your nano cubes commands to complete a variety of different objectives.


The game developer released an Alpha gameplay demo and I played around with it for a bit to see what the game and puzzles were like. Most of them require you to move your cube to the exit location by giving it commands, but it isn’t that easy. In short, You will be learning logic based programming puzzles without all the complex code.

God is a Cube: Nanomachines Rising gives you a set of commands to move in different directions to tell your cube to look for obstacles in front of it, the you can proceed to program your cube on how it should react upon encountering the wall — such as turning in a specific direction to move around it.

The entire game concept is rather simple when you actually play it, and the demo had a great tutorial to walk new players through the basics to help get them started. The game starts so easy that I am sure that anyone can learn how to play before moving on to the more complex level scenarios. Speaking of levels, the game will also feature a level editor and level sharing so that you can share your creations online or play someone else’s level so that you will have thousands upon thousands of challenges to test your brain and nanomachine programming skills.

The developer released a gameplay trailer for God is a Cube: Nanomachines Rising, so check it out in the below video to see how it all works.

God is a Cube: Nanomachines Rising is currently on Steam Greenlight seeking votes for approval, so if you are interested you can follow the provided link to learn more and cast your vote, as well as download the free Alpha demo to test it out for yourself.

Furthermore, you can head on over to the official website for additional details and information about the game.

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