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1419770cookie-checkHappy Dungeons Will Gain An Xbox One Game Preview On August 3rd

Happy Dungeons Will Gain An Xbox One Game Preview On August 3rd

Happy Dungeons is the next installment to Happy Wars;  the former pits players against hordes of enemies that can be hacked, slashed and looted. Crawling through various dungeons to become stronger, a Game Preview will be available for Xbox One players to participate in on August 3rd.

I’ll admit that dungeon crawlers are pretty fun, but not the ones that just have you looting things non-stop. If a game relies on one feature it can become very repetitive and lose its flavor quickly. I’m not sure if Toylogic’s game, Happy Dungeons, will be the same way, but folks will be able to tell through a Game Preview starting August 3rd for Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Looking over to the game’s mechanics, it operates like a 3D version of Behemoth’s game Castle Crashers. If you know how that game operates, Happy Dungeon plays on the same theme of destructively beating things up as a miniature warriors.

In addition to the mechanics, the free-to-play, multiplayer action RPG is an endless survival, boss fighting, minion exterminating dungeon crawler. Supporting both online multiplayer and local co-op with up to 4 players, it also features some other stuff to do like quests, rare weapons and armor to find and other mechanics along those lines.

If you’re wondering how this game looks and plays out, Happy Dungeons‘ light-hearted trailer is on display for folks to watch. Running close to two minutes, Toylogic‘s YouTube channel has the video on display below.

I’m not really sure why this game doesn’t have a PC version seeing how the previous version had a PC iteration via Steam, and I’m not sure if it will get one later down the line, but as of now, Xbox One fans will be able to test the game out when it launches as a Game Preview on August 3rd. You can head on over to for more info.

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