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How To Sign-Up For Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Server Test

Respawn Entertainment will be hosting a multiplayer test for their new server architecture for Titanfall 2. The multiplayer setup will span the likes of multiple cloud services, including Amazon, Google and Microsoft’s Azure. In addition to this they will also be using classic server setups and they need a few brave souls to help them test this new infrastructure.

Over on the official Titanfall 2 blog, lead designer Jon “Slothy” Shiring explained that this new server setup is to help mitigate outages, dropped queues and poor performance on day-one that most multiplayer-centric games suffer from due to the load.

He rolled out the basic gist of Respawn’s plan in the video below that gives an overview of the server setup for Titanfall 2.

As Shiring explained…

“Since Titanfall 2 will have a bigger launch this time, I wanted to make sure that we have the highest possible scalability and reliability, and have low-latency, fast servers. So this time we’re still running on Azure, but we’re also on the other clouds as well as “bare metal” servers running in datacenters. We want fast servers running everywhere, ready for you when you want to get into a match.”

They want to hold a multiplayer test for this new setup because they want to make sure that they “prioritize” the “user experience over cost”.

The game is set to release on October 28th later this year for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC, so they’re adding an additional platform to the fold compared to when they launched last time with Titanfall on the Xbox One and PC back in 2014. Additionally, there’s way more people on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC this time around compared to when they let loose the first game, so there’s likely going to be a much higher load on the server compared to before.

So how do you join the multiplayer test for Titanfall 2 to help make sure everything is stable and right? Well, you sign-up for the newsletter by heading on over to the official Titanfall 2 website and they’ll notify you when the beta is set to get underway.

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