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Kingdom Rush Frontiers: Beginner Guide And Tower Defense Tips, Strategies

Ironhide Game Studio’s Kingdom Rush Frontiers originally came out in 2015 for mobile devices. Skipping ahead some, it is now available for PC via Steam. If you are looking for a guide to learn the basics for the tower defense game, you’re in luck.

This guide will go over the basics so that folks playing will have a better shot when attempting to build various tower defense mechanisms. Like most TD games, this one also holds choke points that are essential to victory.


For starters, your success is dependent on your choice of upgrades. This is also coupled with your star-based upgrades between the levels. If you are stuck, re-shuffling your stars is advised so that you can get the max out of your defensive strategy. Re-positioning your towers will also play a huge part when reaching stages you are stuck on.

Furthermore, concentrate and spread your upgrade stars in a few areas liberally instead of all areas sparingly. Later on in the game when you have more stars to throw away, you can distribute them equally across each bracket. Until then, upgrade your towers that you will mainly use in each level, so that you can better execute a plan to victory.


Do not underestimate the power of archer towers. Archer towers are all-round powerhouses that stand to be essential in your offense against an onslaught. You should use large quantities during most missions due to their versatile structure. Upgrading the archers is also important seeing how they turn into axe-throwers or crossbow rangers, dealing substantial damage to magic-resistant enemies. This group also can spot enemies from a long range, which is ideal for setting up a choke hold.


As noted in other categories, choke holds are very important. They squeeze enemy troops into a narrow section and allow constant DPS to cover that area without anyone getting through. This also creates weak enemies who do escape, allowing any other tower to finish them off easily.

It’s best to use a variety on the field like assassins to gather more gold, artillery and archers to slow down and bottle neck enemies, and knights to help out with loose enemies. Make sure that the positioning of each tower complements another, so they don’t miss any crafty enemies.

Magical Abilities

Rain and fire also help with troops, which create escape scenarios when you need an escape route to rout your enemies. A maxed meteor strike can also stop an onslaught from advancing forward.

As for the ability to summon reinforcements, it is one the most useful abilities in the game. These troops can quickly block an area of one or two enemies that manage to slip past one of your barrack towers. Make sure to take advantage of this ability seeing how it has a short cool-down time.

Below, there are three videos that stand as guides for the first stage in the game. Each of the videos progress in difficulty, with the first being on Campaign, the second on Heroic and the last being Iron. Thanks to Ironhide Games Studio, you can watch all three guides below.

For more information on each stage, there is a list of videos over on As for those looking to play the game, it is currently $9.99 over on Steam.

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