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1419840cookie-checkKoei Tecmo Releases New Character Info For PS4 Exclusive NiOh

Koei Tecmo Releases New Character Info For PS4 Exclusive NiOh

It’s good to see more NiOh news. With that said, Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja published some new screenshots and information explaining the characters Hanzon Hattori, Muneshige, and Ginchiyo Tachibana. NiOh is planned to come out this year for PS4.

I don’t mind if there are more games that come out like Dark Souls, however I think it’s best if they have their own style when it comes to art design and mechanics. In other words, I don’t mind if games are brutal like Souls games, as long as they are unique like this game NiOh.

With that said, we learn a little bit more about the characters that will be in the game like Hanzon Hattori, and Muneshige and Ginchiyo Tachibana. Parts of the three characters’ bios are now up for folks to read, along with screenshots of them.

Before jumping into the screenshots, the first character detailed is Hanzo Hattori, who is the head of the ninja clan. Although the clan is retained by Ieyasu Tokugawa, Hattori serves as William’s (the protagonist) guide through the country. We also learn that Hanzo’s cat is poised with a long-living spirit guardian named Nekomata. This also helps guide William since Hanzo and Nekomata know the supernatural history of the land.

The next characters detailed are Muneshige and Ginchiyo Tachibana. Being experienced samurai and leaders of the Tachibanan clan, they too also help William on his quest with their great skills. Both leaders hone their own Raiken guardian spirits, which are creatures controlled by the element of thunder, and are capable of unleashing devastating attacks.

All of the above can be seen in the screenshots below, which also show different environments, characters, enemies and weapons.

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Lastly, NiOh will hold another playable demo that is planned to go live on August 23rd. The game currently has no specific release date, but is planned to come out this year for PS4.

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