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1419390cookie-checkMaze Sounds Is A challenging Audio/Visual Puzzle Maze Runner

Maze Sounds Is A challenging Audio/Visual Puzzle Maze Runner

Yes, of course you are trapped inside of a maze, but this isn’t a normal maze. The walls are invisible and you can’t see them, the walls also have a high voltage current running through them so if you happen to touch the walls, you will die. Welcome to Maze Sounds!

Developers AMIDEA Games has put together an interesting game concept about navigating a deadly maze, using nothing but your ears to hear the electrical current running through the walls. Of course, playing a game that was completely pitch black wouldn’t be very fun, so there are a few visual cues to assist you in navigating the maze.

The developers have a Free Demo that they released on their IndieDB page that you can download and play, so I downloaded it and played for a bit to see what it was like. In the demo I couldn’t figure out how to make the visual walls appear like in the below gameplay video, however I found the concept to be challenging and quite fun. As a warning though, you DO need really good headphones to be able to pick out the buzzing sounds of the invisible electrical walls.

Do you remember the part of The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time where you had to roam through the forest and follow the sound of the music? Maze Sounds follows a similar concept, but in reverse. You have to find the correct path that has no sounds, and run in that direction. If you hear something buzzing you have to avoid that path at all costs.

Part of me really enjoyed the challenge of trying to find my way around an empty grid using nothing but my ears to listen for sounds and navigate the maze, but I am pretty sure it was a graphics card glitch on my end. Regardless, the developers released a teaser trailer video to show players how the game works, so I linked the trailer down below for you to see for yourself.

The developers are planning on holding an IndieGoGo campaign soon say that they can add in VR headset support, but if the campaign fails the game will still launch without the VR support. Maze Sounds currently has a Steam Greenlight page so you can visit there for more information about the game, as well as their IndieDB page for additional details.

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