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1420240cookie-checkMonster Hunter Stories’ Trailer Reveals Tigrex And Nargacuga

Monster Hunter Stories’ Trailer Reveals Tigrex And Nargacuga

Capcom’s upcoming Monster Hunter game goes under a new title — Stories. The game features mounts that you can ride in various places, which also help in battles. The latest monsters to be revealed in Stories are the Tigrex and the Nargacuga. Monster Hunter Stories is due out for Nintendo 3DS on October 8th.

I really do like Monster Hunter games. They’re intense and fun, and hold game changing mechanics. Some of these mechanics include crafting, using special potions, and so, to help in dire conflicts. One thing that really stands out to me is fighting giant monsters and chasing them around big open sectors.

Although that’s my opinion on the game, many people around like the concept of being thrown into a fantasy prehistoric world, with giant enemies and places to explore. I should also note the challenging difficulties in each game, which adds even more flavor when taking down big FOEs.

This now brings us to the newest game Monster Hunter Stories. Instead of fighting with your small cat side-kicks, you will now have creatures at your disposal that you can mount and fight alongside with against giant enemies. The two new trailers that are now up for folks to view show the ferocious looking Tigrex and Nargacuga. You can watch the original Japanese trailer for the former below.

The next video shows the sturdy yet bat-like Nargacuga. Mountable just like the Tigrex, this one, too, holds its merits with its claws and viscous looking teeth. However, it also hones the skill of being able to go invisible. You can check out the short trailer for the beast as seen below.

I should note that there are other trailers currently out showing more mountable creatures in the MHST universe, which if you missed them, they introduced the Rathian, Khezu, Aptonoth, Lagiacrus, Brachydios, Qurupeco, Lagombi and the Zinogre.

I’m actually looking forward to this game, it looks pretty fun. Although I think I say that about almost all Monster Hunter games, but you get the gist.

Monster Hunter Stories is due out for the 3DS on October 8th in Japan. As of this writing, no western release date was announced.

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