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Total War: Warhammer New Video Trailer Reveals Stir River

Total War: Warhammer fans have something to look forward to on the 28th of this month. A new expansion will hit Steam on said date, and will bring Call of the Beastmen. In an attempt to bring light to the expansion, Sega and The Creative Assembly released a new trailer that is now present to see. Total War: Warhammer is out now and is available to play on PC.

Showing off a new battlefield named Stir River, which will make an entry into the game in the coming days, the team released a new trailer showing the location in a near two minute long video.

Stir Island is detailed in a Battlefield Briefing video that covers some noteworthy aspects of the map. One of the key things that players are told to do is move swiftly across this field, because of its dangerous open yet isolated marsh-like structure.

It is noted that both foot soldiers and artillery units will play a vital role on this map, along with others, in key specific roles. Seeing how both the defender and attacker’s units can be separated easily, it’s best to use the uneven terrain and artillery to tactically flank your enemy with well placed soldiers.

This also brings us to the river that ultimately separates the field. It can either hinder your squad, or be used to hinder the enemy depending on your skill and tactics. However, there is some land emerging out of the river for your soldiers to cross through the water, so it is best advised to use a versatile deployment of soldiers to overcome the obstacles of the field.

The trailer below for Stir River also reveals that the stage will hold one of the expansion’s quest battles. Running close to two minutes, thanks to Total War‘s YouTube channel, you can watch the new trailer.

Total War: Warhammer is out now and is available to play on PC. Those waiting for the new expansion will find that it will be due out on July 28th.

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