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Wanted Skies: Reichborn Plans To Become Ambitious Nazi-Space western Saga

Although the topic of being a loyal German Nazi is a bit controversial, the ambitious story and concept behind Wanted Skies: Reichborn instantly grabbed my attention to want to see more. It isn’t often that a game comes along that combines Space western storytelling with Nazi Germany.

Wanted Skies: Reichborn currently is lacking a bit of polish in terms of graphics and animation quality, but the story and concept has promise. Wanted Skies is planned to be a series that will evolve over time, starting with three prelude campaigns to set up the story and set the stage for the overall world. As Wanted Skies grows, the developers at DarkCryo say that it is planned to become an infinite, multi-timeline MMORPG universe.

For that reason alone they have me curious to see how this will play out. What does an “infinite, multi-timeline MMORPG” even mean? What does it look like? Does it mean that over the course of years players will move throughout history to play key events, or are there several events in history all happening at once for different players?

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While there isn’t much information about the MMORPG aspect at the moment, the below gameplay trailer and Steam Greenlight description does shed a little bit of light about what the developers are planning. Wanted Skies: Reichborn starts the series off at the end of WWII. You play as a member of the 3rd Reich serving as a Shock Trooper. In a story that is considered as a dark thriller RPG, your mission is to survive and avoid being captured by the allied forces, travel to locate the secret installations, and proceed to help rebuild the German Reich.

The developers for Wanted Skies: Reichborn have said that the game will have a quest system with a variety of different objectives ranging from seek and gather, to transport and smuggling, escort missions, rescue missions, seek and destroy mission, puzzle solving, as well as several other quest types to keep you entertained.

Another cool part is that details of your journey will be uploaded and archived to the Wanted Skies servers, which will then be incorporated into the gameplay and lore for future events in the Wanted Skies saga. As the world expands and moves across three generations of storytelling, you will go from the German bunkers of WWII, to the future Space Western saga and what looks to be the 4th Reich’s interplanetary invasion. The below gameplay shows elements of sneaking, Airplane combat, tanks, NPC interactions, and adventure across multiple locations, as well as a small bit of third person shooter elements. You can watch the story and gameplay announcement trailer that I linked down below.

From the looks of the trailer, the game still has quite a bit of work to do before it will be finished, and an official release date hasn’t been planned or announced yet. The graphics and animations are quite rough, and it is hard to tell how much gameplay we are actually watching.

If you pay attention during the invasion montage, the Nazi standing in the streets of China is shooting people and it looks like actual gameplay footage as +1 damage numbers pop up with every hit.

Due to all the questions about the game, the developers made an announcement post on Steam Greenlight to answer this very question in the below quote.

“The trailer was carefully designed to showcase the sheer magnitude of the lore, the timelines and how the factions relate. We admittedly have a flair for the dramatic, so we tried to offer as emotion-provoking teaser as possible.


“You are witnessing in-engine graphics and animations, all rendered realtime, and not cinematic cut-scenes. The screenshots showcase the quality that can be expected, if to your style of liking, support us further.

The developers go on to talk a bit more about the open world gameplay, and what it means to be a German Shock trooper.

Did I Just See Shooting Innocent Civilians?
Yes, yes you did.


This is unfiltered, wartime trauma. It may be offensive to hear, but all powers that participated in our world wars had committed atrocities against innocent civilians. This is a simulation. As Devs, we are neither bias nor prejudice to censor historical events, particularly when attempting to mimic an atmosphere of authenticity.


That being said, this is also not tell-tale. If offense is taken to gunning down innocent civilians in downtown Beijing, then simply don’t gun down innocent civilians in downtown Beijing.


“Become the lore” means to walk your own path, even as a 3rd Reich Shock Troop, and not for us to censor what is meant to be procedural storyline. That negates the entire premise behind the Wanted saga, and of war.

The gameplay sounds like it will be a little like an MMORPG version of Fallout, with different factions that you will be able to dynamically interact with, gain favor, and move up in the rankings to form allegiances with them… Or disobey your orders to become a Wanted fugitive on the run. It sounds like the overall game will take a long time to finish developing, so by the looks of things the developers are releasing the game in parts, starting with a series of single player campaign modes in Wanted Skies: Reichborn.

For now, Wanted Skies: Reichborn is seeking votes on Steam Greenlight to gain more exposure, so for those of you that are interested you can follow the above link to cast your vote. For further details and information, you can also visit the official Wanted Skies website.

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