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Warframe: Here’s How To Get Kavats, Genetic Codes And Incubator Segments

Those of you who just got the Specters of the Rail update and are now playing Warframe might notice a new companion, the Kavats. Like the Kubrows, you will need specific items like Genetic Codes, Stasis Pods, Incubator Segment and an Incubator Power Core. Warframe is out now and is free to play across PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Keeping it plain and simple, to get a Kavat you will need an Incubator Segment that can be acquired from your clan dojo (if you are in a clan), as a drop from Hyekka Masters or by purchasing one from the shop for five platinum. To create your Kavat you will need to find 10 Genetic Codes, which can be bought through the shop for five platinum or by scanning wild Kavats on Orokin Derelict missions.

If you choose to scan the Kavats instead of buying them for five platinum, you can use a Warframe with high CC (crowd control) to hold them in place. Good Warframes for scanning the Kavats consist of Vauban’s Bastille, Nova’s Molecular Prime, Mag and her new Magnetize ability, Nekros and his augmented creeping Terrify, and Frost. I’m sure other frames will be able to do the trick, but the ones listed above are guaranteed to capture a snap without any problems.

All in all, when you walk up to your Incubator for your companion (not for your flying pet) it should read that you will need 10 Genetic Codes, one Incubator Power Core, one open free slot in your Stasis chamber and no active companion in the dome. If each of these have a check by their names, then you will be able to start the creation process of your new Kavat.

In case you are wondering, to build an Incubator Power Core you will need 100,000 credits, 4,500 Nano Spores, two Control Modules and one Argon Crystal. The Argon Crystal can only be obtained through the actual Void tile-set, and will help in creating your very new cat-like pet.

If you want to see this in action, YouTuber Rundas342 has a video telling everything you need to know about trying to get a Kavat.

Just like Kubrows, Kavats can be taken in and out of Stasis and will take three hours to be active. This process can be rushed by using 10 platinum, or can be altered to 10,000 credits by using an upgraded Incubator segment that also reduces the recovery time down to 30 minutes.

I should note that content pertaining to the Kavats are still early and might change in the future. For more information about Kavats or Kubrows, you can head on over to the official Warframe wikia that details quite a bit about the game.

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