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Destiny Rise Of Iron Early Guide Reveals The Wretched Eye Strike

Two Warnings: One, there are heavy spoilers in this post and contains a lot of information regarding Destiny’s Rise of Iron, and the Wretched Eye Strike. Second, some of the things mentioned in this guide will not reflect the actual Strike on release, same with the video, seeing how this is an early guide to the Wretched Eye strike. Bungie and Activision’s game, Destiny, is out now for PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One.

During Gamescom this week, Bungie took the opportunity to show off more of Destiny, in which looking back, the team provided information regarding private matches and the new Supremacy Crucible mode. Today, however, the devs showcased a new strike that’s coming in Rise of Iron.

By now, I’m sure most fans already know the strike is named the Wretched Eye, and that it’s set in the Plaguelands. The strike (as shown below) takes players through a missile base back in Old Russia to find a Fallen Devil Splicer Priest. It’s worth noting that players must stop this Devil Priest who is experimenting on the Hive, attempting to create abominable mutants.

According to Datto who took to YouTube to provide his feelings and opinion on the piece, pulled up a near 17 minute long video to share with the community his experience with Rise of Iron and the Wretched Eye strike. He also shared a brief summary below:

“The Wretched Eye is Bungie’s new strike coming with Rise of Iron, on top of the two “remastered” strikes. While it doesn’t shatter any expectations, it’s still what you know and love/hate about Destiny strikes.”

You can check out the full strike in its current state that is most likely to change on release, which comes in by YouTuber Datto.

To sum up the above, the Wretched Eye strike holds multiple paths that players can go down at their own pace. The strike ends in a boss fight where player must face off with the Fallen Devil Splicer Priest and a Hive Ogre. The Ogre has no eyes and has a rifle fixed to it that allows the boss to fire a Void blast at players. I should also note that the Devil Priest can teleport around the room, too.

Lastly, some of you may have noticed that there wasn’t a chest at the end of the strike, right? Well, it is said by Datto that the mission was a level 38 test version, and that it is an old build and should receive a chest at the end when Rise of Iron releases.

With that said, Rise of Iron is set to come out September 20th, 2016, for PS4 and Xbox One. This means that the PS3 and Xbox 360 will not gain support for Rise of Iron, but will support transferable character progress if you do choose to upgrade to said systems.

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