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Dishonored 2 New Screenshots Show More Characters And Environments

As expected, Bethesda shined some light on Arkane Studios’ stealth game Dishonored 2 during QuakeCon 2016. Releasing a batch of screenshots showing various illustrations and in-game models, we also get to see environments that might make it into the full game. Dishonored 2 is set to come out for PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 11th.

To be honest, I’ve never played Dishonored. Although the newest game looks cool, I’d rather watch someone like StealthGamerBR play through the campaign and do ridiculous overkills than to play it myself. Don’t get me wrong the game looks fun and unique, but I think games like Dishonored really shine when people like SGBR take it to the next level, but that’s just my opinion.

However, if you fancied the first Dishonored and look forward to the second game’s world, some new screenshots will accompany you until the game drops on November 11th.

Before jumping into the images, they don’t reveal anything regarding gameplay, but more of the world and the city that players will be able to explore. In other words, there are no spoilers in the screenshots. The images or screenshots show illustrations and in-game scenes as seen below.

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I do have to say that the game holds a distinctive look that still shares some reminiscence of the first game, which is interesting because it also reflects a look that resembles Italy or Spain.

With that said, Dishonored 2 is set to come out for PS4, Xbox One and PC this year, which will drop on November 11th. For more information regarding the game you can head on over to

However, if you don’t know what all you can do in Dishonored, you can watch StealthGamerBR ace a stage in the first game on High Chaos (which is the hardest setting in the game), thanks to his YouTube channel.

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