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14 August 2016

Kingdom: New Lands Beginner’s Guide To Surviving And Building

Looking for tips and tricks to surviving in the new game Kingdom: New Lands? If so, folks will learn the basic survival skills to build, recruit and earn more cash to build better defenses in this guide. Raw Fury and Noio’s Kingdom: New Lands is out now for PC through Steam.

Before getting straight into the guide for Kingdom: New Lands, I should note that there is a video describing some of the below text. The helpful video comes from YouTuber The Phawx. Although the video below pertains to Kingdom (the first game), it still contains some helpful tips that apply to Kingdom: New Lands. You can check out the video guide below.

For a more recent and updated video guide on how to survive in the world of Kingdom: New Lands, KlauseGaming has a newer video below, showing basic tips and beginner material for newcomers.

Looking over to the last video guide, which comes in by Aavak, he takes players through a “Let’s Play” ride through New lands, which helps provide a clearer picture as to what new players will encounter in their journey in Kingdom.

Before Starting The Game

Make sure that you play the game at least once and mosey around. Before attempting to survive for a long time, just play the game casually so that you can get an idea what Kingdom: New Lands is about.

Basic Information

It is ideal to hunt deer. Deer will drop gold when successfully hunted, and requires arrows to be killed. You can also find coins on the ground, which will help with building structures. Make sure that you build whatever that it is that you are building in the early morning so that it will be complete before night time.

Archers are a very important class and are a force to be reckoned with. Stock up on plenty of archers, for they will help you during some fairly tough situations.

Lastly, I should say that this guide may vary on its usefulness depending on the person playing. I should also note that the videos above are very handy for beginners, but may be difficult to put into practice when playing the game. There’s a measure of trial and error involved due to the nature of the game, but hopefully the video guides will help set you on your way.

You can either get this game over on Steam for $14.99 or you can learn more by heading on over to

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