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NiOh Screenshots Showcase New Characters Nagamasa Kuroda And Kanbei Kuroda

NiOh’s playable Beta demo is currently live, and to acknowledge the game’s ongoing beta, which will end on September 6th, Koei Tecmo took to their Twitter to introduce Nagamasa Kuroda and Kanbei Kuroda. These two characters will appear in NiOh, and new info from Koei explained their roles in the game. NiOh is set to come out this year for PS4, and currently has a beta demo up. 

Those who are interested in the third-person hack and slash game, NiOh, will find some new screenshots that are available to look over. These screenshots arrive from Koei Tecmo’s official Twitter account, and reveal the characters Nagamasa Kuroda and Kanbei Kuroda in action.

According to the descriptions provided in the screenshots, we learn that Nagamasa Kuroda is excellent in military executions and emerged victorious in several wars. Yoshitaka or Kanbei is noted to be the father of Nagamasa Kuroda, and Nagamasa later meets William when he is drifted down to Usuki.

Usuki is said to be close to Nagamasa’s territory, which links into Nagamasa finding our protagonist. It’s also noted that Nagamasa hones his very own guardian spirit named Fuse-ushi.

As for the second character, Kanbei (Yoshitaka) Kuroda, we learn that he is very keen and sharp minded despite his old age. Said to be the father of Nagamasa Kuroda, the old warrior also sports a guardian spirit like his son named Mizuchi.

The screenshots consist of eight images as seen below, showing the main character, Nagamasa, Kanbei and their guardian spirits.

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Lastly, the game is set to come out sometime this year for the PS4. As for the Beta demo, it started on August 23rd and is set to end early next month on September 6th. For more information on Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja’s NiOh, you can visit the game’s official site.

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