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Prominence Poker Arrives On PS4 While Max Pescatori Talks Poker And Gaming

505 Games and Pipeworks Studio’s Prominence Poker has finally arrived on the PS4 after launching into Early Access on PC and going live on the Xbox One not too long ago.

Max PescatoriThe game is available in full and is currently free-to-play. For its launch, we were given an opportunity to ask Max Pescatori – one of the advisers and collaborators on Prominence Poker and a four-time world series champion poker player – a few questions about how he got involved with the game, some of his gaming habits and what gamers can take away from the experience of creating their character, starting off in the underbelly of the city and working their way up through the ranks in both online and offline modes in Prominence Poker. You can check out the full interview below.

One Angry Gamer: How did you get involved with 505 Games and Prominence Poker?

Max: A former colleague came to me with an opportunity to work on the game. Since I previously was a games journalist who covered Amiga titles a long time ago, I was immediately excited to jump in on the project that combined two things I love – poker and video games

OAG: Are you an avid gamer or do you play any video games regularly? 

Max: I love video games and I play every day. While I prefer sports games like Pro Evolution Soccer, I do keep an eye on new titles that come out and try out anything that looks interesting.

OAG: What are some of the elements of Prominence Poker that mirror playing cards in real-life?

Max: I can say the animations to Prominence Poker are incredibly on point and realistic. When I look at other games, the animations aren’t really fluid and can be random at times. One thing I love is how when a player looks at their cards and others can see that the player character is checking his/her cards. This level of detail mirrors real-life as the frequency of card checks is a bluff and tell tactic players can use to their advantage. A player can pretend to have a weak hand by constantly checking/looking at their pocket aces as if they don’t remember what cards they have. Another aspect of the game is the emotes and gestures, from standing up after going all-in to taunting other players for some healthy competition.

OAG: Is it possible to actually take some of what can be learned in the game and apply it to real-life poker or is it like Guitar Hero and just a fantasy for those who want a taste of the action?

Max: There is no doubt in my mind that Prominence players will play the game, have fun and learn the basics on how to play a real poker game. While other titles offer an entertaining fantasy to players, Prominence Poker is a real simulation with fun characters, environments and challenges that allows players to at least learn the basics of Texas hold’ em Poker.

OAG: When it came to offering suggestions and helping 505 regarding Prominence Poker, what sort of advice was offered to the developers to help bring the game to life and set them on the right course?

Max: When I started on the project, the first thing I noticed was that the developers put in nine-seated games. I recommended six because a nine-seated table feels a bit old school. Having six players at a table is a great move because it helps with pacing and keeps the game exciting.

OAG: Have you been playing Prominence Poker much and if so what do you think about the competition you’ve been facing and the challenge of the game?

Max: I’ve been playing Prominence Poker and trying to find ways to win faster, especially against the underground bosses. I love the fact you can play solo or against others in online multiplayer.

OAG: For non-poker players out there, what would be your advice to them to at least consider dipping their toes into something like Prominence Poker?

Max: Prominence Poker gives gamers the chance to take a step into the poker world for free. Players won’t lose real money like in a casino and can get the same gratitude from winning. Poker gives players the opportunity to stimulate their minds and develop new ways of thinking like never before and Prominence Poker is just one of many ways players can experience this game.

Definitely a huge thanks to Max Pescatori for answering the questions. You can download Prominence Poker right now, for free, from the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 4. Alternatively, you can get your hands on the Xbox One version as well or you can grab a copy of the game for PC from the Steam store.

For more information on Prominence Poker be sure to visit the official website.

(Main image courtesy of Zeron)

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