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1423070cookie-checkRiders Of Icarus Introduces CTF Style PvP Mode

Riders Of Icarus Introduces CTF Style PvP Mode

A new mode has been made available for the PvP in Nexon and WeMade Entertainment’s Riders of Icarus called the Manastone Battle. This new mode pits players against one another on massive teams as they attempt to secure the Manastone and bring it back to their home town.

Over on the Riders of Icarus website, a post was made explaining how the Manastone Battles work and where players can participate. Essentially, if you’re level 28 or higher and you’re in the Exarahn Badlands, you’ll be able to join in on the PvP event twice per day at specific times. A server wide announcement will alert gamers and let them know where they can join in on the fun.

The objective is to activate the Manastone and carry it back to either the Militia or Alliance base. Now this sounds easy but the main roadblock is that the player who picks up the Manastone can’t ride a mount while it’s in their possession. Another massive disadvantage for the Manastone carrier is that they also can’t attack. You’re essentially at the mercy of every other player looking to get their hands on that stone.

This is where teamwork and friends come into play, as the player who picks up the Manastone will need protection as they attempt to get it back to their base. If they’re killed in the process and the stone drops, another player can run and pick it up.

The whole thing reminds me of the Bible events during DarkEden, where the player who picks the Bibles from the temples could only walk and move very slowly, they also couldn’t attack, meaning that other players had to set down traps and fend off the Slayers/Vampires during combat.

The concept is the same here, where whichever side you’re own you’ll need to help them secure the Manastone while the carrier has to be protected.

Of course, anyone not carrying the Manastone can wield weapons and ride their mounts, so as you can imagine there’s likely lots of chaos surrounding the Manastone carrier. The winning side gains access to exclusive rewards and mounts.

You can learn more about the new PvP event mode by visiting the official website. Riders of Icarus is currently available to play for free.

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