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Warcube Set To Enter Steam Early Access This Fall

You might recall the small indie project Warcube that appeared on Steam Greenlight? Well, it’s a game that revolves around sieges and castle forts, fighting an onslaught of cube soldiers, and slow-motion six-sided medieval action. As of now, Warcube is set to come out this Fall for PC via Steam Early Access.

Indie publisher and developer Haven Made and Craigz recently listed their game Warcube as “Coming Soon” on the Steam Early Access page. As followers should know who backed the game, Warcube was once in Steam Greenlight and passed that segment, heading now to Early Access this fall for PC.

I am slightly interested to see a non-obnoxious YouTuber play this game just for the slow-motion combat against a horde of soldiers. I’m pretty sure a skilled individual playing this game will also enjoy the seemingly unique battle system, although I don’t know how much depth this game has to keep players coming back for more?

Anyways, if you haven’t seen Warcube before and seek to learn a brief summary, the official description by the devs is up for your viewing pleasure below:

“Become the WARCUBE. Crush your enemies, siege castles, and bring glory to your six-sided self! All with a tasteful amount of slow-motion to make you look your best.”

You can check out the trailer below, although this is the same Greenlight trailer that the devs posted up before, which means we have no new video aside from the one below.

If you want to get an early hands on experience with Warcube the devs will be hosting a demo on the show-floor of PAX West. This was explained on the game’s update page.

“Exciting news friends, WARCUBE has officially got the thumbsup to be at PAX West in the ‘PAX Rising’ section!”

For more information regarding Warcube and the developers, you can head on over to Steam Early Access, or to the devs main site.

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