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1426800cookie-checkBandai Namco Announces Gundam Versus Closed Alpha

Bandai Namco Announces Gundam Versus Closed Alpha

Are you into Mecha and Gundam games? Do you like versus type games? If you answered yes to both, Bandai Namco just announced during the Tokyo Game Show that Gundam Versus for the PS4 will gain a Closed Alpha this year.

I really do like Gundams and if you are like me and enjoy the armored giants, too, the latest Gundam game to come out is set to gain a Closed Alpha later this year. Like most Closed Alpha tests, players will have to sign up for this one to participate.

Gundam Versus is said to hold a local test. I know local tests will limit a lot of folks seeking to play the game, but a Beta might follow the Closed Alpha later. In other words it means that there won’t be an online test for now.

This information was released during the Tokyo Game Show and comes in to promote Gundam’s 30th Anniversary. In addition to the information revealed during the Tokyo Game Show, Producer of Gundam Versus noted that…

“I want to differentiate the console and arcade [Gundam VS] games. I want people all around the world to play two-on-two [battles].”

This means that only two people will only be able to play against each other.

Furthermore, Bandai Namco recently launched an official Twitter account for the game. It is noted by the devs that more information will come out regarding the game and its release date. But, as of now, Gundam Verses will be for PS4.

Before signing out, there are some screenshots of the game that you can look over that show in-game shots from Gundam Verses. You can check them out below.

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Lastly, you can learn more about the Closed Alpha, and other features that will be in the upcoming Gundam game, by hitting up

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