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Blue Horizon: Open World Pirate Game Approved By Greenlight Community

Blue Horizon is an open world adventure game where you can explore the Caribbean islands in the year 1686.

Blue Horizon Studios are the developers that made the game, and based on the trailers I’ve seen it looks pretty interesting. One thing they point out is that there is only one large “level” in this entire game, with eight islands scattered around for you to explore. The only thing preventing you from getting there is the large ocean that separates you from the other islands. In order discover these islands you will either need to find a map, or talk with the local NPC (non-playable characters) and have them provide you with the details and coordinates to discover the islands and everything they have to offer.

One thing I noticed from the Blue Horizon trailers however, is that the game is not completely realistic. They have Sahuagin-like fish people, what appears to be zombies, and large Kraken like octopus monsters. Of course you will also have fellow humans that are out to kill you and take your hard earned loot, so you will have to defend yourself on land with your sword and out at sea with cannon fire.

From the looks of things, the game starts with players being marooned on an island and must scavenge for supplies to build a raft to make it back to civilization. The developers released a series of videos, so I linked a 5 minute gameplay trailer, as well as a short teaser trailer that gives you a glimps of what else you can expect in the game. Check out the two videos below.

Blue Horizon has already been accepted on Steam Greenlight and is working on finishing the game for launch, which is currently scheduled to release on PC next year in 2017. If you would like to follow the project and stay up to date, you can either follow the above link for Greenlight, or visit their official website for further details.

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